The Tetra Group, with associated companies,

offer the following;


• Holistic Energy Audit

• Whole Life Costing

• Design of Sustainable solutions

• Project Management

• Post Occupancy Evaluation.


The Tetra Group offers a range of management services to Clients who are commissioning sustainable construction and retrofitting energy improvements to existing buildings. Working with close business partners we can offer a full energy improvement proposals from energy audit to project managing the works.


One of the key aspects of our approach is Whole Life Costing. We assess costs over a built asset’s life applying capital / maintenance / energy costs to get a true cost to the property user. Also Feed In Tariffs and Renewable Heat Incentives can be included.


Our Services


Strategic / detailed advice including:


• Design advise

• Thermal modelling

• Building orientation and form

• Renewable Technology specifications

• Material specification

• Air tightness

• Ventilation

• Water efficiency

• Financial Advice

• Whole Life Costing

• Feed In Tariff / Renewable Heat Incentive

• Cost Reductions / Cost Management

• Procurement

• Project Management


Post Occupancy Evaluation Monitoring:


• Energy monitoring

• Smart metering

• Occupier usage

• Occupier feedback

• Analysis to close the gap between (space up required) theory and practice.


Tetra Group Limited and its group of companies are registered in England and Wales. Tetra Group Limited Company number 06264407, Asset Management Property Maintenance Limited Company number 03440203, Walker Cotter (Southern) Limed Company number 03789590, Walker Cotter Limited Company Number 02587081, Walker Cotter Safety Limited Company Number 03057719 are all registered at 42 George Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 1PL, Our corporate VAT registration number is 916 4032 46