The Tetra Group is a national company offering exciting careers opportunities within its established market. If you have talent, knowledge and experience - and want to work at a company that will value your abilities - it's time to learn more about what Tetra Group has to offer.


Equality is at the forefront  of everything we do and we know our staff are key to the growth of our business and success.








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Tetra Group Limited and its group of companies are registered in England and Wales. Tetra Group Limited Company number 06264407, Asset Management Property Maintenance Limited Company number 03440203, Walker Cotter (Southern) Limed Company number 03789590, Walker Cotter Limited Company Number 02587081, Walker Cotter Safety Limited Company Number 03057719 are all registered at 42 George Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 1PL, Our corporate VAT registration number is 916 4032 46